Tea & Amber Shampoo

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This infusion of Tea and subtle Amber helps to remove excess oil, leaving the hair reawakened.

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Tea & Amber Shampoo

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(3 Reviews)

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Thursday, March 30th 2023

I have not heard of this brand until i went to a 5star hotel in Malaysia and they provided us with this brands shampoo and soap so i intrigued as hotels don’t usually provide good soap and shampoo but this was a 5 star hotel so i tried it and the shampoo was so amazing it was quite conditioning and didnt leave tangles in my hair and i did not have any conditioner with me as the hotel did not provide however i was really impressed with the shampoo not leaving out that i have dyed hair sure theres other shampoos that are similar but for the price this shampoo is vegan and paraben free and does not support animal testing so whoever is looking for a valued option for shampoo you should really consider this brands shampoo would totally buy it as it worked wonders for my hair in just 3days of my stay in jb :>

pleasantly surprised

Friday, September 1st 2023

the hotel i stayed at in kuala lumpur provided this brand of shampoo and body wash. i'm used to bringing my own shampoo bcos all shampoos at any hotels gives me dandruff, but this is the first time i saw this brand so i gave in to my curiosity and gave it a try. i was very happy with it bcos not only it didn't give me dandruff, it also left my hair silky and smooth with no tangles. it stayed in my head that i decided to google the brand. i might purchase this.


Monday, October 23rd 2023

I stayed in a hotel in Sydney Australia. Was so happy to discover this shampoo and conditioner my hair felt amazing and I knew this product was the right fit for my hair. So very happy to discover this brand.