Charitable Donations


The aim of founding StreetSmart was to simultaneously break down inaccurate prejudices about homelessness, raise vital funds for important smaller, local organisations and strengthen them through collaboration to better connect them to their community.

Funds raised are distributed through Community Grants with a focus on local — donations are fed back into projects as close to where they are raised as possible, targeting smaller services aimed at people experiencing homelessness.

We’re proud to partner with StreetSmart Australia to donate 5% of our profits.

Find out more about StreetSmart here.

Since 2003, StreetSmart has distributed $11 million to over 1,000 homeless projects across metropolitan and regional communities in Australia.

This is largely due to being founded by the coffee bean, café and hot brew drinkers! StreetSmart unites cafes and coffee drinkers around the country to raise support and awareness for their local homeless organisations.

Each year, over 200,000 café coffee drinkers join the fight against homelessness, donating the cost of a coffee. All donations provide urgent emergency grants to local grassroots homeless charities.

Help support to end homelessness and to learn more, click here.

“StreetSmart Australia is built on community connection, whereby the efforts of donation support through this Ink+Water initiative, enables a true, local impact to some very vulnerable individuals and family households.

"We support a diverse pocket of community across Australia, including migrants, youth, older women, indigenous, displaced people and those who are at risk and vulnerable. We want to make change for the future and it’s with collaborations like this which makes this possible.” – Geoff Hills - CEO StreetSmart Australia

Adina Hotel x INK&WATER

We're proud to partner with Adina Hotel to bring awareness to StreetSmart. All guests can enjoy a 20% off* coupon code to redeem on our website. We support shopping responsibly and for a good cause: 5% of our profits will be donated to support the homeless community.

Use code: INKWATER20 at checkout.